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I just wanted to let you know that the on-line WHMIS course and exam were really well organized and it was an extraordinarily convenient way to learn. The modules are well laid out and it was great to see how the course materials are linked back to the government of Canada sites, so that I can use them at a later time as resources.

I was able to access the training package from my home computer and complete the course and exam at my own pace. It is really nice to see training packages like this being used by the Government of Canada.



Our Health and Safety Association (in the Restoration Contractor industry) has been working with CCOHS for over 2 years and we have been very well served in our dealings with them. The registration process is super-efficient; courses are ready-to-use and user-friendly; the courses offered meet many of our needs; the support provided by CCOHS to our member facilitators is excellent. When we recently needed to develop a Safety course specific to our industry needs, CCOHS assisted us throughout the process and together we produced a fine-quality end product.

Our Association regards CCOHS as our primary training partner in Health and Safety matters.

John Preston, Exec Director
the BC Association of Restoration Contractors


Developing an Occupational Health and Safety Program

Exceptional course! I particularly enjoyed that I can print off the elearning course materials for reference at a later date. Thanks for a great learning course as a resonable cost and timeline. The slides are not over done with too many functional popouts, I find when your eyes are trying to catch all the detail within the slide it causes you to loose focus on subject matter. Great slides


WHMIS for Workers

The entire reading materials are very essential and easy to understand signa and symbols shows a big additional understanding of products hazards content, highly recommendable. For me everything has been discussed widely


Canada Labour Code, Part II e-course

Tshiuetin Rail would like to thank you for offering to us your companies on-line courses. Six of our employees have completed with success the course entitled: Canada Labour Code, Part II.

Our company's operations cover a very large territory from Sept-îles, Quebec to Schefferville, Québec and our train service also runs through the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador. The employees of Tshiuetin Rail are spread out over 357.6 miles. Trying to get together into one room to take courses can be very expensive for an operation like ours because of the distance.

Your company's courses have permitted us to keep our training program on line. The variety of courses that you offer will help us develop a more efficient training program during the years to come.

Please keep us advised as to new training programs and documentation that might be beneficial to Tshiuetin and its employees. Thank you again.

Claude Prud-Homme
Administrative advisor