Putting the Focus On Workplace Mental Health

HAMILTON, ON (September 30, 2011) The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has launched Healthy Minds at Work, a website that provides credible resources to help workplaces effectively address and improve workplace mental health issues for all.

“Workplaces can have a significant impact on individuals’ health, safety and overall well being,"  says Dr. P.K. Abeytunga, Vice President at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS). “At CCOHS, we’ve broadened the traditional view of workplace health and safety to a comprehensive approach which addresses the total well being including physical, psychosocial and mental health of employees.”


The Healthy Minds at Work website features a collection of online resources aimed at providing workplaces with assistance in developing strategies to promote mental health at work as well as effectively handling existing mental health issues. In addition, users will find resources to assist in developing and implementing effective approaches to promoting mental health at work.

The Healthy Minds at Work website features:

  • Information on what mental health is
  • How do psychosocial risk factors in the workplace affect employee health?
  • Why should employers be concerned about mental health?
  • Dealing with mental health issues
  • What workplaces can do to support mental health
  • Establishing a Comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety (CWHS) Program

For more information on Healthy Minds at Work please visit www.ccohs.ca/healthyminds/.


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